Members of BPRCA  share the following standards:

Transparency: BPRCA members and their staff will be fully transparent regarding their relationships and identities in relation with communication and marketing initiatives that could influence the online citizen. This transparency includes full disclosure on related compensation received.  BPRCA members shall not conduct online communications programs where the client provides compensation in any kind (money, stock, goods or services) unless full, meaningful, and honest disclosure is provided.


Privacy: BPRCA members respectfully the privacy of consumers, and encourage practices that use  effective means to defend privacy rights, such as transparent opt-in. BPRCA members guarantee that all data gathered with permission will be treated with respect and dignity, and will be kept in the safest environment, according to or surpassing all applicable privacy laws.


Freedom of speech: BPRCA members believe that online citizens should be free to form their own opinions and have the right and ability to share those personal opinions on their own terms, in their own words. Any efforts to try to manipulate freedom of speech and opinion by encouraging or forcing people what to say or how to say it will be banned. BPRCA members will not offer compensation in any kind for biased pieces of opinion or reviews.


Integrity and responsibility: BPRCA members will refrain from all unfair, deceptive or misleading communication and marketing practices, and pledge not to manipulate or deceive the online citizen. BPRCA members can, and will try to convince the online audience that a client’s point of view, service or product is necessary, better, or valuable. This will be done using valid arguments and techniques that refrain from deceiving the online citizens.  Minors have a fragile vulnerability to manipulation and deception of any kind, therefore BPRCA members will only communicate and interact with minors online using the greatest moral care, sensitivity and responsibility.


Respect: BPRCA encourages all parties representing the industry, regulatory bodies and the general public to relentlessly evolve and enhance this Code of Ethics Charter for Social Media, so that it becomes the standard in professional online behaviour. BPRCA welcomes and encourages an open and respectful debate on this matter.

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