June 2 2017

Date: 28 June 2017


Speaker : Ilse Booten (Digital & Social Media Manager @ ING)


Timeframe: 12PM-2PM


Location: ING, Cours Saint-Michel | Sint-Michielswarande 60, 1040 Brussels


Sandwiches will be available at the end of the session


Maximum capacity: 15 participants


Workshop concept: 
It’s no longer only about advertising. People trust their peers and they rely on word of mouth when opening a bank account. This is why, ING focuses also on finding and activating ambassadors to spread the word about the activities, products and services of ING. We are mainly focusing on ambassadors amongst employees of ING.


Prices: €80 (C² member) – €90 (non-member).

This workshop will be held in English.


Information/Subscriptions: Julie Cluydts – info@csquare.be